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PC Pro card does not detect engine running, stays in ignition on mode

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  • PC Pro card does not detect engine running, stays in ignition on mode

    Hi guys,
    I have just installed a used powercard to -91 MX-5/Miata with a original Sebring supercharger installation.
    The card came from FFS originally and was previously used by Erik Hansen (Rudolf) in Oslo, as a PC-Pro E-Cool card on a -95 1.8, but is now programmed with the 90-93 sw
    Main_9093HS_ver004 : All 90-93 Hotsides

    My problem is that when the engine is running, the card still indicates that only ignition is turned on...
    When the engine is off and the key is on, the PC-Pro will oscillate the left Green and right Red LEDs.

    It'doesn't start showing the led going up with revs.
    The card is wired to the ECU like instructions, except for the purple O2 sensor (not needed according to instructions)
    Red - 1B Power
    Black - 2A Ground
    Green - 2U Inj 1&3
    White/Yellow - 2V Inj 2&4
    (No wires cut, all T-tap'ed into)
    And of course, vacuum/boost is present at the vacuum line...

    Have I done something wrong or is there something wrong with the card ???

    Regards Agility

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    Got answer from Tom at the forum, thanks

    If it is an FFS Boost Fuel Card, the connections, other than power and ground, cannot be tapped on. They wire as follows:

    Red to 1B
    Black to 2B
    Cut the wire 2U and the wire 2V
    Yellow goes to the ECU end 2U and Yellow/White goes to the Harness end 2U
    Grey goes to the ECU end of 2V and Green/Grey goes to the Harness end of 2V