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Miata MX5 Supercharger KITS

Full Superchager Kit miata
90-93 160whp+ • 94-05 +190whp+*

KIT INCLUDES: Eaton MP62 (or optional TVS 900) Supercharger, Big Throttle Body, Cast Throttle Body Adaptor, FFS Engineered High Flow Cast Intake Manifold, Complete Engine Management with Boost Fuel Control and Boost Timing Control and ECool™ (with dual extra injectors), High Flow Fuel Rail, Separate 6 Rib Belt and Pulleys with Automatic Belt Tensioner, Iridium Spark Plugs, and Cold Air Intake. CARB Listed EO D-617. Read More Here «

LEAD TIME UP TO 120 days (usally 30 - 60 days ) ON MP62,
IN STOCK to 120 days on TVS900

  * Subtract 10-20whp for Automatic Transmission due to torque converter losses

$4995.00 USD

mp62 supercharger

Eaton MP62 Supercharger

The Eaton/Magnuson MP62 supercharger is the 4th generation supercharger from Eaton. It differed from the earlier versions by the addition of the internal bypass valve. When off boost, this valve opens and allows the rotors to cavitate as the incoming air bypasses the rotors. This reduces the drag on the engine off boost and keep the gas mileage off boost to equal stock gas mileage. We off two versions of this for sale. A replacement for the Fast Forward Superchargers Coldside and a replacement for the Moss/BRP/etc Hotside MP62. The superchargers are identical except for the bypass valve actuator. The Hotside superchargers have the bypass on the opposite side of the supercharger.
LEAD TIME UP TO 120 days (usally 30 - 60 days ) ON MP62

$1850.00 USD

tvs 900 supercharger

TVS 900 Supercharger

Magnuson’s MP900 TVS supercharger utilizes EATON’s latest 6th Generation supercharger rotor technology found in such industry leading performance vehicles as the Corvette ZR-1, the Cadillac CTS-V, and the 2013 Mustang GT500. These Twin Vortices Series Superchargers feature a pair of four-lobe, high-helix rotors with 160-degrees of overall twist that are housed in Magnuson’s patented high-flow housing. This highly efficient package requires less power to drive, delivers cooler discharge temperatures, and is much quieter than many of its competitors. Read More Here «
LEAD TIME IN STOCK to 120 days on TVS900

$2450.00 USD

6 rib miata supercharger crank Pulley 90, 91, 92

90-91 (If you have a 1991 with VIN 209447 or higher use 91-05 crank pulley)

6 Rib Crank Pulley 110mm

6 rib crank pulley

6 rib miata Pulley 92-05

91-05 (If you have a 1991 with VIN 209446 or lower use 90-91 crank pulley)

6 Rib Crank Pulley:
105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm, 125mm, 130mm, 140mm and 150mm


6 rib MP62 supercharger pulley


6 Rib MP62 Supercharger Pulley upgrades:
65mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm, 90mm and 95mm


fuel rail 90 91 92 93  miata


Aluminum Fuel Rail

$170.00 USD

fuel rail 94 95 96 97 98 00 01 02 03 04 05 miata


Aluminum Fuel Rail

$170 USD

threaded fuel injector Threaded Injectors - Electrical pigtail and fuel fitting and clip (as shown).

Frequently, enthusiasts are looking to add more fuel without replacing the main injectors.  These injectors are threaded with a 5/8-18 straight thread and can be easily adapted to your project.  Simply put a dab of RTV (Ultra-Black) on the thread and screw it into the hole using only your hand.  Use no tools.  Tools could damage the injector.
$150 USD
On kits with a dummy throttle body, that is the best place to install the injector.  Drill and tap the side of the DTB.  Tap the fuel hose that goes to the fuel rail and tee off to go to the injector.  The injector fitting has a 1/8” NPT hole to accommodate either a 1/8” npt to 5/16” barb or a 1/8”npt to AN fitting as you wish.

To complement the injector, we also offer the Ecool card (sold separately) that will operate the injector based on boost.  It is adjustable and will work on most cars.  It simply requires a connection to 12V, GND, #1 injector signal and a vacuum/boost line.

4 intector 320cc for E85

Set of 4

320cc - correct to compensate for changing to E85.

$200.00 USD

fuel regulator fitting miata 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95,96, 97


Fuel Regulator Fitting

$30.00 USD

70mm Big Throttle body supercharger kit miata

70mm Big Throttle Body (BTB) conversion kit for Moss and BRP Hotside

Upgrade to the BTB. The kit includes the replacement bracket, BTB Adapter, BTB, TPS Adapter Assembly and all of the screws. Shown is the 99-05 TPS Adapter Assembly but we will supply the correct one for your model year, anything from 94 to 05.
We use a 70mm TB but we can supply a 75mm if you are headed further than 500WHP.

Type of Supercharger
$450.00 USD

miata hotside mouting bracket supercharger

Mounting bracket for the BRP/Moss Hotside MP62 supercharger.

$150.00 USD

miata supercharger exhaust mounting bracket

Miata MX5 Exhaust Mounting bracket for the Hotside MP62 supercharger 1.8L 94-05

$200.00 USD

M10 x 1.25 x 90mm Stud

M10 x 1.25 x 90mm Stud for BRP Moss Hotside Miata Supercharger kit Hardened Steel Rockwell C37

$12.00 USD

Timing boost card miata

Boost Timing cards

$300.00 USD

boost fuel enrichment control card

Boost Fuel Control (AFR) cards

$300.00 USD

auxiliary injectors control card

ECool™ card (additional injectors control card)

$300.00 USD

Wiring harness patch cord for miata supercharger

Wiring Harness patch cords

Wiring Harness

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