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About Fast Forward Superchargers

After 9 successful years, starting in 2004, of Fast Forward Superchargers shipping kits all over the world for Miatas, we decided to apply that proven technology to the Jeep. We started with the 4.0L L6 Jeep Wrangler. with the results shown in the dyno graph below. We have also purchased a 1987 Jeep Cherokee 4.0L L6 that will be tested for fit and performance in early 2014. Both vehicles have automatic transmissions. We expect up to 15% greater torque and HP with a manual transmission as there is less driveline loss , especially torque converter loss.

The kit as supplied is a simple bolt on kit. Everything needed is supplied with the kit. It is as simple as installing thsuperchager manifolde kit, starting the engine, checking Air/Fuel and driving. The engine management comes pre tuned and should be extremely close to correct.If minor tuning is required, it is done with the three push buttons (Mode, +, -) located on the front of the card. Adjustments can also be made on the fly while driving. This should ONLY be done by a passenger in the vehicle so the driver can keep his/her eyes on the road.

.The next step will be to work on California Air Resource Board Executive Order testing and approval for emissions. We will be looking for a newer Wrangler for CARB testing in 2014, preferably a 2004/2005.


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